america's past-time


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Artist’s Statement:

Capture the Flag, and the other works on this page, continue my new series about race in America. The deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor exemplified what Black Americans already knew about their own history. This time a cellphone video secured a horrific event for the whole world to witness. All too soon after came January 6th, where again the world observed how divisive and violent our racial politics are. On the eve of the first anniversary of the Capitol insurrection, my paintings represent the division that continues to rip at our nation's seams.

Capture the Flag was prominently exhibited as part of my solo exhibition, America's Past-times, which will opened at the Childs Gallery on January 13, 2022. The exhibit reflected adults playing children's games. The paintings are a visual metaphor of our country's racial divide. As a visual artist, releasing my anger, outrage, and sadness, has resulted in these canvases.

These new works are titled “America's Past-times”. I hope you have an opportunity to see the paintings at the Childs Gallery.

Robert Freeman


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